The CEO and Founder of Slagel Lanton Co., Danielle brings over a decade of strategy, sales and operations experience. She believes creating a life, not just a living is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship.


Our 12-week group program blends mind-set and business exploration to help successful women build legacies. Together we help them get their mind and their money right.

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Work less, 

Earn More

A full bank account means nothing if your heart is empty. The Collective is a space, led by Danielle Langton and Jackie Loughlin, where women can come together to level up their lives and their businesses.

Our Promise

You’ll walk away with more 


on who you are, whom 


you are meant to


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how to have the most

You’ll walk away 


on who you are, 


you are


how to have 



you get

1:1 With Danielle Langton

Each month you’ll be able to chat with Danielle. Together you’ll explore the topics of purpose-driven work, negotiating, outsourcing, hiring and other legacy-building tools, and walk away with actionable steps to push you closer to your goals.

Group Calls

The climb to the top can be lonely, but we believe that community is vital to growth. That’s why you won’t be alone on this journey. Through monthly group calls, you’ll have the opportunity to share, support, and encourage one another as you work toward your respective goals. 

1:1 With Jackie Loughlin

On these 50-minute calls, you and Jackie will work through the notions of self-worth, self-doubt, work/life balance and possibility-based thinking. Then you’ll start the work to shift your mindset from “doing” to “being”.

Voxer Access

You don’t have to wait for monthly calls to connect with Danielle, Jackie and the rest of The Collective. You’ll feel supported through every step of your journey, with access to The Collective’s Voxer group. 

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Soul & Strategy

Month one is all about foundation. We’ll unearth the hopes, desired, doubts and traumas that shape you as a person. Then we’ll begin building and exploring the strategic foundations that will set your business up for success.



Identity, Impact and Income

Month two, we’ll begin to explore whom you serve and the ways your internalized experiences manifest as impactful and long-lasting action. Then we’ll start to identify the income-building services, products, and business ventures that best align with your identity.



Confidence and Consistency

Month three is about letting go of the sh*t that doesn’t serve you and stepping into your truth as a person and a businesswoman. At the end of this month, you’ll feel more confident in the decisions you make because you’ll have a stronger grip on your sense of self and a better understanding of your business goals.

True success happens when your self-worth and your net worth align.

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Get your mind and  your

money right

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A 6-12-month partnership, working with established entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses with customized strategies, sales and operating procedures.

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