The CEO and Founder of Slagel Lanton Co., Danielle brings over a decade of strategy, sales and operations experience. She believes creating a life, not just a living is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship.


For the established entrepreneur who needs guidance instead of a full-scale, 12-month investment, we’ve created a library of helpful resources that’ll turn your CEO game up a notch.


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Price Increase Plan 

Increasing your net worth starts with increasing your knowledge. Our Ultimate Pricing Guide is a digital resource that takes the stress and confusion out of raising your prices, and gives you the tools and confidence you need to make more and work less.

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Let’s be real, finding new clients can be exhausting, and the constant launch life is not for everyone. But why spend time, recourses and energy looking for new clients when you’ve already got a roster of loyal, loving clients who want to keep working with you? This masterclass teaches you to scale your business by leveraging client relationships you’ve already built.

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There's a method to scaling your business without overextending your time or money and we're teaching it inside The CEO Edition. Coming Soon!

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A 12-week group program created with one goal in mind: helping successful women get their mind and their money right. We get to the core of who you are as a businesswoman and as a person, then give you tools to ensure your self-worth and your net worth are aligned.


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A 6-12-month partnership aimed toward helping female entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. Together we’ll establish a solid strategic foundation, map actionable steps to build revenue, and implement operational procedures for a smarter, more sustainable business.

We’re not just educating and collaborating. We’re growing impactful businesses together.