The CEO and Founder of Slagel Lanton Co., Danielle brings over a decade of strategy, sales and operations experience. She believes creating a life, not just a living is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship.


It’s hard to scale a business when you’re drowning in it. In this 6-12-month partnership, we work hand-in-hand with established entrepreneurs to help them grow their business with customized strategies, sales, and operating procedures.

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Your business should be successful, not stressful. But it’s impossible to kick back and enjoy a dirty martini when you’re wearing a million hats and your revenue is stagnant. That’s where we come in. Armed with a multi-talented team and decades of combined experience, we jump in the trenches and help you evolve your business utilizing sustainable and profitable strategies.

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We aim, not to provide a temporary partnership,

the experience and the knowledge

 but to bring you

the team,

 to grow an

 impactful business

and create a

 long-lasting legacy.

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the experience 

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A 12-week group program created with one goal in mind: helping successful women get their mind and their money right. We get to the core of who you are as a businesswoman and as a person, then give you tools to ensure your self-worth and your net worth are aligned.

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