The CEO and Founder of Slagel Lanton Co., Danielle brings over a decade of strategy, sales and operations experience. She believes creating a life, not just a living is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship.



We’re on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to build profitable, more sustainable businesses through strategy, sales, and operation. 

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A 6-12-month partnership aimed toward helping female entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. Together we’ll establish a solid strategic foundation, map actionable steps to build revenue, and implement operational procedures for a smarter, more sustainable business.

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A group program where self-worth and net worth align. Led by Danielle Langton and Jackie Loughlin, you’ll get the tools, guidance and support you need to build a fulfilled personal life and a profitable business.

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what we  bring 

To the table

Over a Decade of experience

After years of working with 6-and-7 figure clients and multi-million dollar companies, Danielle understands what it takes to make businesses successful, and she uses that knowledge to help you scale and grow a smarter, more sustainable business.

Tailored Business solutions

Business is not one-size fits all. That’s why we work with you to build solutions that are right for you and your business. Every strategy, sale and operational procedure we bring to the table, is created with your goals in mind.

a talented team

We partner with the most talented minds and the most skilled creatives in the game in order to provide you custom, high-quality services. 

Personal relationships

Proximity is power. That’s why we don’t just cheer you on from the sidelines. We get in the weeds right along with you and function as business partners working toward a common goal: to help you make more and work less.

Profit-focused thinking

Making money is easy. Being profitable takes strategy and hard work. That’s why we reach deeper, creating solutions and establishing revenue-building practices that won’t just grow your business–they’ll set the foundation for your legacy. 

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Price Increase Plan

It’s natural and tempting to think lower prices will attract more clients, beat the competition, and make your buyers happy. I’m here to tell you that’s false and you're likely undercharging. This 25+ page resource will help you increase your rates for all the right reasons while maintaining your existing client base.

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Creating a profitable business is much more than increasing sales, creating more products/services, increasing prices, or finding more clients. In this masterclass, I will share my signature process to achieve and sustain a profitable business -- one that doesn't require consistently needing new clients.

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There's a method to scaling your business without overextending your time or money and we're teaching it inside The CEO Edition. Coming Soon!


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