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A simplified step-by-step plan outlining the exact actions to take to raise your rates, including a communication strategy, email template, pricing formula, and bonus content including money mindset mantras and journal prompts.


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The overworked and underpaid entrepreneur who’s afraid to ask for her worth. You’re maxed out on work (not to mention, burnt out) and looking for a way to scale your business without adding more to your plate.


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Raising your rates feels overwhelming and completely intimidating to you. What if you lose clients? What if people try negotiating? It feels comfortable to keep your pricing the same, but you’re on the brink of burnout, if not well past it, and lacking a scalable plan.

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 “In January alone I raised my rates, sold more than 3x my sales from last year, AND I had more in revenue in the month of January than I did all of 2020 combined.” 

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Your business shouldn’t be something you resent. When structured and priced properly, you get to design a profitable business that can generate wealth and provide flexibility.

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Time Back

Raising your rates allows you the freedom to take on less, which leads to additional flexibility and time freedom. Remember, we are working to create a LIFE, not just a living.

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-Erin C.

Price Increase Plan

the ultimate

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1:1 With Danielle Langton

Each month you’ll be able to chat with Danielle. Together you’ll explore the topics of purpose-driven work, negotiating, outsourcing, hiring and other legacy-building tools, and walk away with actionable steps to push you closer to your goals.

Does this resource outline what to do if existing clients do not want to pay my new rates?

Yes. It’s important to understand that not all clients will be on the same page with your new rates. You will learn how to communicate with and manage these clients.

Is there a recommended pricing formula to use to determine my new rates?

Yes! The Ultimate Price Increase Plan includes our recommended formula to raise your rates. An example is included inside.

Will this resource outline how to communicate the price increase to my clients?

Yes! Lesson 3 covers the recommended communication strategy and includes an email template for you to send to existing clients.


Danielle was a burnt-out executive who left everything to become an entrepreneur. Obsessed with all things sales and strategy, she turned an idea into a multi-six-figure business. Now, she’s partnering with you to create a life, not just a living. She is passionate about increasing profitability and decreasing your time investment. And she believes you can achieve both.

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The Detailed Plan

A step-by-step plan outlining the five most important steps to take to raise your rates, including a communication strategy for existing and prospective clients.

The Email Template

An email template that can be customized to announce your new rates to your existing clients. It covers all of the details that are necessary to share for client and customer retention.

The Pricing Formula

A three-step pricing formula showing you all the numbers to compile and review to determine your new rates. You’ll also learn how frequently you should review and adjust these numbers.

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How do I know if I am ready to raise my rates in my business?

If the demand is there, it’s likely time to evaluate your rates. Raising your rates can also attract the right customer and eliminate those who aren’t a great fit. This is covered in detail inside!

Price Increase Plan

the ultimate