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Without Finding New Clients

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A training outlining four key strategies to increase profitability. What else does your customer need from you? How else can you serve her? We’ll answer these questions with real-life examples, plus the exact steps needed to see an immediate ROI… without going out and recruiting new clients or customers.


Resource  for?

The maxed-out entrepreneur who wants to grow their business but has no bandwidth for more clients or a heavier workload. You realize you’re leaving money on the table when it comes to existing clients and customers, but aren’t sure of exactly how to max out your profits.


you need this?

You’re finally ready to work smarter, not harder. You’re not interested in consistently launching, pitching yourself, or developing ways to work together. You’re tired of spending money (and time, and energy) to make more money. If you could find more ways to work with existing clients, you would. And now you can.

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Time is money

"In the first quarter alone I will have hit half of what I did total in sales last year.” 

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Creating a profitable business is much more than increasing sales, creating more products/services, or finding more clients. I will share my signature four-part process to achieve and sustain a profitable business.

Work Smarter,

Not Harder

I want monetizing your work to feel second nature for you. Your business should allow you to be a business owner vs. a business operator by utilizing smart growth strategies.

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- Keri B.

Finding New Clients Training

Increase Profitability Without

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1:1 With Danielle Langton

Each month you’ll be able to chat with Danielle. Together you’ll explore the topics of purpose-driven work, negotiating, outsourcing, hiring and other legacy-building tools, and walk away with actionable steps to push you closer to your goals.

What can I expect to do immediately following this training?

You will identify one of the four strategies and focus on implementing it for the next 90 days. No pitching new clients, buying ads or launching necessary.

Does this training cover how to execute the strategies covered?

Of course! A strategy or plan is simply an idea without execution. I give you the steps to take to implement.

Is this training for someone who has a successful business and is already profitable?

Absolutely! A business can always improve, and the most sustainable businesses will always look for ways to meet and exceed their customers’ needs.


Danielle was a burnt-out executive who left everything to become an entrepreneur. Obsessed with all things sales and strategy, she turned an idea into a multi-six-figure business. Now, she’s partnering with you to create a life, not just a living. She is passionate about increasing profitability and decreasing your time investment. And she believes you can achieve both.

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Scaling Strategies

The training covers how to raise your rates, how to know how and what to upsell, how to extend the customer lifecycle, and how to increase the value you’re already providing.

 Communication Strategies

How you communicate with your existing customers is critical to retention. You’ll receive examples of how to share these strategies with your customers in a way that converts.

Implementation Strategies

There are million-dollar ideas and million-dollar executions. They are not the same. You will walk away with a step-by-step plan on how to implement and execute each strategy.

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Will this training tell me which strategy will work best for my business?

Yes! Four strategies are covered in the training, including which work best for product-based businesses and service-based businesses.

Finding New Clients Training

Increase Profitability Without